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Poem for Salt -- Leroy V. Quintana

(Poem #194)Poem for Salt
 The biggest snowstorm to hit Denver in twenty years.
 What is the world to do, freed from the shackles
 of the eight hours needed to earn its daily salary?
 Only on a day such as this does salt overshadow gold.
 Salt, with its lips of blue fire, common as gossip,
 ordinary as sin. Like true love and gasoline,
 missed only when they run out. Salt spilling
 from a blue container a young girl is holding,
 along with an umbrella, on the label of a blue
 container of salt that the woman across the street,
 under her umbrella is pouring behind her left rear wheel,
 to no avail this discontented, unbuttoned December
-- Leroy V. Quintana

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